Travel is to live: SYDNEY – Part 1 – BEACHES

Hey loves!

My first country which I really travelled a long time alone was the beautiful Australia. And it was clear for me that I needed to tell everyone how amazing it is to live and travel there. So I was planning this travel post about Australia and seriously it is not possible to put this whole amazing country in one post, soo I will do some more.

Like you maybe already know I was planning to start a blog a long time ago and I was always feeling a bit to be not ready enough. BUT in Australia the people are so gorgeous they are always being honest like family, and I can’t really tell but they are just nice and inspiring. So in Sydney I finally decided fuck off I will start the blog now. And like destiny always is in my first month in Sydney I met the gorgeous Kem, owner of the best fashion stores in Sydney. I was shopping there with a friend and we had a long conversation about fashion stuff. In the end she was asking me to work for her because she was thinking I’m talented in Fashion. After the end of my travels – three month later –  I was really working for her (I will tell you another time more about her and the cutest stores) and she was taking me to the #MBFW Sydney where I got all the good vibrations I needed to finally believed that I can do that. More about this event next time.


Sydney is just awesome, it has beautiful nature, architecture, parks, beaches, clubs, malls, food, people and yeah it’s just high quality living in every kind of way. I was arriving there November 2015 when it starts to get very hot there – because they have summer when we have winter. I was starting to live the first two weeks in a hostel which was okay and I met lovely people but it was not really mine. So I moved to a share flat with 12 people and a rooftop balcony, started to work for Guide Dogs as a promoter on the street and got falling in love with the Sydney live.

Lets start with the important part: BEACHES

The beaches in and around Sydney are just amazing. There is the famous Bondi Beach (my personal all time favorit), the Coogee Beach, Bronte Beach, Rose Bay Beach, Watson Bay Beach and of course Manly Beach and so much more nice spots in this area. What I really love on Bondi Beach are the small boutiques, lovely cafes and beautiful street arts. And not to forget the Bondi Icebergs.


Hello Bondi Beach




Street Art Love in Bondi




Bondi Icebergs Swimming Pool

Bondi Icebergs – it’s a mix between a beautiful restaurant, small cafe and a public swimming pool next to the sea. The view is amazing and I would say its one of the most photographed spots in Sydney. It’s called Icebergs because of the white walls around the pool.


Manly Beach is my second favorite beach. It is on the other side – over the bridge – of Sydney. For me it has a more high quality living charme, while Bondi is a bit more alternative and younger. Directly on Manly Beach you find for example the restaurant Hugo’s and it is the same kind of restaurant like Hugo’s in Munich/Starnberg, almost the same kind of menu and almost the same logo. Me and my German visitor Melli tested it and it was quiet expensive but it got very good food. In the end we told them about their twin in Germany and they got really surprised – but they don’t know each other.

12669665_1013193528726760_6380540585077323051_n (1).jpg


Hugos Manly

12654463_1013193595393420_5204834415482034474_n (1).jpg


If you gonna stay on the same coast as Bondi – just a bit further – you will come to Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee Beach on the one side and to Watson Bay (Beach) and Rose Bay on the other side. Coogee Beach has the perfect spot for an amazing Sunday Funday session – and believe me, the Australians love Sundays. And there is the nice possibility you can walk there via the most stunning costal walk. This walk is between Bondi, Tamarama, Bronte and Coogee and I did it on my first day in Sydney. In the end it’s just like a walk around the coast of the biggest city in Australia – and it is not the most beautiful walk you can do in this country – but for a city like that, it’s just amazing.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-17 um 14.00.01.png


Bondi Beach


Tamarama Beach





12507321_1003138476398932_3882951796228883822_n (1).jpg


IMG_1030.JPGThe nice thing on beaches in Australia is you have everywhere a bbq station where you can cook and grill, so it’s just so simple to enjoy this lovely summers with it’s incredible nature.


Bronte Beach


12507625_1003138493065597_1187981234611987301_n (1).jpg






At the end of the beautiful costal walk you come to the Coogee Beach with the Coogee Pavilion – I will tell you more about that in the category Bars & Clubs Sydney.


Coogee Beach

Like I told you before if you go further to the left, make sure you visit Rose Bay and Watsons Bay, very nice areas to have a great beach day with lovely people and amazing food.

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-22 um 14.24.59.png


Rose Bay







Watsons Bay



If you love to see sunsets, believe me Australia has the most amazing ones. This one is from Watsons Bay and I think it is so nice because you can see the whole skyline of Sydney. In the end if you are going to watch a nice sunset after a beach day, you stay at Watsons Bay, on the afternoon you walk to the light house to watch really really nice sunsets and after you gonna eat dinner at the Watsons Bay Beach Club Restaurant. Totally worth it! 😉

Would love to have some feedbacks about my first travel post. My plan is to write about all parts of my travels and do like a Australia Travel Series.

Thank you for reading! Love Norii


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    • Hey no problem 🙂 I love to tell people about this country 😀 No I did Work&Travel there it was very nice, you can learn and discover so many beautiful things there 🙂 xx Nora

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